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REX - AIC Heat Exchangers - Specifications

REX Tank Heat Exchangers

Instantaneous Indirect Water Heaters

The new generation REX instantaneous indirect water heaters are engineered for high heating efficiency. REX heaters use the boiler to heat domestic water instantly upon demand. As the boiler water enters the tank (not the coils) it is stored, ready for a domestic water call.

REX heaters also act as a buffer tank to eliminate boiler short cycling. The boiler water is circulated in a closed loop system, thus extending boiler life.

The REX indirect instantaneous system offers high efficiency, long life and an economical way of heating domestic water as there is no stagant water in the coils. it virtually eliminates bacterial growth.

Superior Hydrodynamics Improve Heat Transfer

The stainless steel distributor is the key to proper distribution of the boiler water over the coil tubes to give peak heat transfer as the hot water cascades through the coils, providing greater turbulence as it reaches the bottom distributor plate.


  • Domestic
  • Commercial and industrial institutions (hotels, apartments, schools, hospitals)
  • Excellent for closed temperature approach applications

Standard Materials:

Completely passivated stainless steel construction.

Maximum Working Pressure:

Up to 150 PSI (1.03 MPa)

Maximum Working Temperature:

Up to 375°F (190°C)

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